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An Octree based Scene Manager derrived from XNA Framework's DrawableGameComponent.

This Octtree project uses XNA Game Studio version 1.0.

Download the current release for source code

Current Progress
The current implementation is a "loose" octtree in that each nodes size (cube) is noted by a fixed size (sector size) and a floating size (size with all models/components included). This compensates for large objects or objects close to a border of an octtree node to be drawn when the actual fixed size indicates the node is "off screen" or "out of view" but an object that it contains has a portion within the viewing frustum.

The XNA Game Studio Solution contains a test game project to give an example of how to use it.

The capablilties of the occtree will be similar to that of my Quadtree project at

Current Screen Shots


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